Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Other people's hobbies/ memories

Today I went to see a friend and was inducted into the worlds of her hobbies. (Thanks for showing me!) One is playing World of Warcraft online, which seems to be a huge occupation of many people around here. Her other world is one of scrap booking along with all the supplies, the new computerized cutting machines, etc. and, of course, the finished products, which are most lovely.

I think I will skip the World of Warcraft, best not to add one more thing to do in front of the screen, in my case, but the scrap booking I will have to do something with. I have stacks of books that contain all the report cards, paintings, awards... of the children. One could scan some of that in, or in my case, I like to photograph it with the appropriate camera, then one might reduce the number of books taking up an entire closet.

Tomorrow, someone is going to visit me to show me how to do it on the computer. Yes, I think computer scrap booking will be my preferred way. Don't know yet, how it works. I will make a memory book for Stefan, and while I am at it, I will also sort and produce something for Andrea. I think I'm ready.

Yesterday, I exercised (made my way to the freed up treadmill) to Stefan's Youtube videos ("nafetslooc" cool Stefan backwards) which I have on my i-pod. I groaned at the irony in the "Blanket of Ghosts" (Dustin Kensrue). It had not struck me before, though people had mentioned it to me. I think I did not pay attention, before. Maybe I couldn't. He'd only started singing and it was so good. The memory book will have to hold a CD.

Lyrics to Blanket Of Ghosts :
I've got a feeling, it's hard to explain
Feels like the devil rents a room in my brain
The things I'm ashamed of feel like dear old St Paul
The things that I wanna do, I don't do at all.

So bury me deep, cover me with snow
Wrap me in sleep, blanket of ghosts.

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is so weak
I wanna kiss her lips, but I kiss her cheek
Just hear my request, give this one fair weight
Please take me home before it's too late.

Bury me deep, cover me with snow
Wrap me in sleep, blanket of ghosts

Wake me when it's spring time in heaven
When the tears are all wiped from my face
Wake me when it's spring time in heaven
When I'm strong enough to walk in that place
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