Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Alles ist eitel, du aber bleibst."

Below is a picture of my garden, this morning. Yesterday, I finally dug up the carrots. After the frost and snowfall, my family thought the carrots had gone into compost, but not so. Happily, they are still good.

The tall rhubarb spikes and all the flat leaves on the ground made me think of a song, a round in particular, that our mother used to sing with us girls. It's a little bit challenging but very lovely. Surprisingly, the video is available on Youtube. See below.

"Alles ist eitel; du aber bleibst, und wen du ins Buch des Lebens schreibst".

in English: "Everything is vain (meaningless, passes); but You remain, and whose name you write into the book of life."

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