Saturday, September 19, 2009

Totalitarian Regimes 1

This is what happens to you under oppressive government. You can be put away for "dangerousness" when you complain about having no food.
From my newspaper from yesterday:


Cuba has freed a man who was jailed for denouncing food shortages in a widely viewed YouTube video and sent him instead to a psychiatric hospital for three weeks, a humanitarian rights group said Wednesday.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez Marcos, known as "Panfilo", was sentenced in August to two years in prison for the video, which has been viewed more that 450,000 times since posted on April.

Instead, he has been sent to a psychiatric hospital for three weeks of treatment for alcoholism, after which he is expected to be released... "It's a corrective decision very unusual for a government known for its rigidity," Sanchez said. He said it was likely the result of "international public opinion."
...Gonzalez, was detained, tried a week later in Havana and sentenced to jail for "dangerousness," a crime listed in Cuba's penal code.


Steve said...

They don't call them 'totalitarian' for nothin'.

Many of the intellectual elite, and run of the mill 'leftists' in the U.S. (and elsewhere) really admire the totalitarian regime in Cuba.

For the life of me, I don't know why.

Brigitte said...

There are severe shortages there of all kinds of things, but I guess you are not allowed to mention it.

I don't know about your leftist elite and elsewhere--they should use their heads and hearts a little more. They should learn the language and live in one of those countries among the average people for a while.