Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Totalitarian Regimes 3--Zimbabwe

My cousin at whose house I stayed this summer for several days in Germany is in Zimbabwe for work on a power plant. He sent an e-mail that was something up-lifting.

In Zimbabwe there are goods in the shops now, sold for US dollars and Rand's. Everything costs at least one dollar because that is the smallest bill available. Four onions cost one dollar. Ten tomatoes cost one dollar. One bread costs one dollar. His "gardenboy" earns $200.00 and the foreman at the power plant earns $1200.00. His own salary is paid in US dollars. Things are gradually normalizing.
Good for those poor people. What a mess with that Mugabe.


Steve said...

Thanks be to God!

I wasn't aware of the improving situation.

Thanks for the info.!

Bon voyage!

Brigitte said...

Hey, Steve, good travels so far. A little much driving and more to go. Sleeping next to the Missouri River tonight.

Thanks to God indeed for improvements in Zimbabwe. I felt terrible about all the different down-turns in a country that was doing comparatively well.