Sunday, September 20, 2009

Song for Sunday

The other day, I posted a YouTube video on Paul Gerhardt. The very last segment deals with a young lady who sings this songs in Jazz version. Martin did not like it. I thought it was not too bad. Anyhow, the song she sings in the video is: "Du meine Seele singe, wohl auf und singe schoen" (Oh, you my soul sing, go and sing beautifully), which I have not heard for a long time. In fact, I searched the LSB and there is neither song nor melody to be found in it. So, find the entire hymn included in the video below.

The verse I am focusing on and translating for you is the last one. The soprano sings it very simply by herself in the video below, while other verses are sung by congregation or ensemble:

"Ach ich bin viel zu wenig, zu ruehmen seinen Ruhm; der Herr allein ist Koenig, ich eine welke Blum. Jedoch weil ich gehoere gen Zion in sein Zelt, ist's billig, dass ich mehre sein Lob vor aller Welt."

"Oh, I am much too small to praise his glory;
the Lord alone is king, I am a wilting flower.
Yet--since I belong to Zion in his tent--
it is right that I contribute to his praises before the entire world."


Gerhardt said...

Hallo Brigitte:

Oh yes, this is based on Psalm 146, Paul Gerhardt, 1653. "Du Meine Seele Singe..." Number 302 in the Evangelisches Gesangbuch of 1993. I accompanied this at a service at Trinity LC last summer, minus the beautiful brass though. Text and melody are very nice.

Brigitte said...

I bought a new hymnbook. It's still number 302. I should go to German service some day when you are playing at Trinity.