Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Reformation and Apologetics

I'm looking for "On Temporal Authority: To which Extent it ought to be Obeyed" -- online. I found a blog that does a very interesting job both listing Luther's works and being engaged in reformation apologetic.

Update: James Swan kindly sent the link to the entire document. It is here. Thank you very much!


James Swan said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

The document is in LW 45. It's also on the LW CD ROM, which is now much more affordable.... a worthy investment.

If it's something you really need, I could probably e-mail it to you off the CD. You can contact me via my blog under "Contact Information".

James Swan said...

OK, I found and archived version of the link you were looking for-

Try this link:

Temporal Authority: To What Extent it Should Be Obeyed

If any of the links from my blog don't work, try the "wayback machine"

It can find many webpages that no longer are available.

Brigitte said...

Thank you James Swan! I've thought about getting the CD ROM's, also in German, but I'm not sure I'd ever like to read anything from there, preferring a book.

It's great to have things right on-line, so you can send people straight to it. Thanks for the link! Thanks for your work, too. Fascinating!