Thursday, September 3, 2009


What Luther says, p. 464.

1368 Man His Own Worst Enemy

I have often said that a man has no enemy deadlier than he himself; for my experience has taught me that I have greater cause for fear within me than I have outside me, because the gifts which we have within us tend to inflate our nature.

As God, who is by nature very kind, cannot but graciously shower down upon us various gifts, such as a healthy and sound body, riches, wisdom, skill, knowledge of Scripture, etc., so we cannot but become proud of these gifts and arrogant. Our life is wretched without such gifts of God, but it is doubly wretched when we have them. For we are made doubly worse by them. So great is the corruption of original sin, although all men except believers are either unaware of its existence or consider it a trivial matter.


Steve said...

I believe every word of that.

It has been and is true for me, anyway.

I think it is true for each and every one of us.

Brigitte said...

It is so true in so many ways. Not that we don't have other enemies.

Today, I went to Curves and got weighed and measured by Cynthia, and I thought about this quote. Whenever, I have made a little improvement and lost a couple of pounds, I think I've done fabulously and I can go ahead and bake a cake...

Just a silly example. But there could be many.

Maybe I should put this quote on my fridge, too, along with the Walther. Law and Gospel.

Steve said...

I hope it works for you. I've got so many things on my refrigerator now (that I never read)that I qualify for govt, rebates for the extra insulation.

I've got some pretty good color this Summer.

Unfortunately most of it is from the refrigerator light.

Brigitte said...

You are too hilariously funny.