Saturday, August 15, 2009


The other day I copied this from Elephant's Child's blog and put it on my fridge where it has me done good service. I think one could almost say it is "the hope that we confess in a nutshell", through Christ our Lord, of course.

C.F.W. Walther, God Grant It! p. 93.

Know that whatever the path on which God will lead you--up the mountain or down the valley, through flowers or over thorns, on rocky terrain or on level ground, through darkness or through light, for a long time or a short time--that path leads through the kingdom of grace, and its end is salvation.


Steve Martin said...

That is the truth. I need to hear that each day.

Upon my refrigerator that quotation will also go.

Thanks for sharing, Brigitte.

Brigitte said...

Hi Steve: this does not fit here, but I just want you to know how often I chuckle at your little comments here and there, especially on Utah Lutheran and Cranach; they are usually witty and warm and insightful, even if off the wall.

I liked the one about the "bad translation" of the Giertz, for example. :)

Steve Martin said...


You are gem for noticing!

So much of the time (though) my comments are just plain dumb.

What the hey!

Brigitte said...

No, they are NOT! Quite often I think what I write is dumb. It comes with the territory of sticking your neck out there.

I'm spending the rest the evening still getting the iPod/itunes organized and making overheads.

If my computer ever crashes again, I will be upset. As soon as I get around to it, I will back up the entire hard drive again. Forgot how I did it, and where I hid the external hard drive...

Steve Martin said...

Computer stuff!

Now that is dumb! Why can't these machines be hassle free???