Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Law suits/Ezra Levant/honor killings

They say there are two ways to really get to know someone: marry them, or go into business with them. I think there's a third: get into a lawsuit against them.

writes Ezra as he is threatened with another soft jihad lawfare suit. He has a good blog post about the latest one leveled against him. Every time I go over there I feel I should make a donation. I never have yet, but I might give in to my conscience one of these days.

A few days ago, we had in Canada an "honor" killing of three young people in Ontario. Some of our friends were saying: "Where is the national outrage?" "Where are our politicians?" They wanted us to phone or MLA's. Maybe I'll whip off an e-mail. Maybe you will, too.


Bror Erickson said...

Where is the media? 3 "honor" killings! I don't see how murder is at all honorable.

Brigitte said...

The ultimate oxymoron. The ultimate act of zero grace, hope, faith and love, no matter how it is rationalized.

Steve Martin said...

If Christians were pulling off stuff like this, you can be sure there would be a huge outrage from the media (who hate us) and the culture (who hate us).

Brigitte said...

But we know what real love is, even if we're often not good at it, we know it and what it is. For that we can put up.