Sunday, July 12, 2009

Last and travel day


We're going to church in Babenhausen. I don't know exactly what to expect. Then I'm taking my friends out for lunch in the Gasthaus. Maybe I'll have Bror's Schnitzel for him. Then off to the airport. My brother and his family arrive on the plane from Edmonton at 5:00, which I'll be taking back to Edmonton at 7:00. They figure we can kiss at the gate. Well, that's if I am through the check-in. It took forever in Calgary.

Meanwhile I've been getting ready mentally to re-enter the atmosphere in going back home to Edmonton. It will still be a big year of changes and decisions. I am not relishing having to quit holidaying and getting back to the grindstone. There will be stacks of mail and paperwork. It does sound like issues have piled up in my absence and my husband is in need of care and comfort, and ear and perspective.

The aunt in Calgary has died and been buried in the meantime. Glad to have been there last time.

It will be good to see my family and even the dog. Next time, God willing, Martin and I will go together for a longer time and see all his relatives.

Everybody is getting up now. It seems we are not going to the Gasthaus. Gabi stayed up late to make the lasagna. What can you say. Some people never stop working. tsk, tsk. No schnitzel, in the end.

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Mary said...

Glad you had an enjoyable visit.
Miss you.