Monday, July 13, 2009

Just one picture

My internet is barely working. Here is one picture to give Gary his Germany fix. The trip went well and I uploaded my photos, today. This one is from behind my cousin's house in Fuerth. It was much cooler in the second week.

The flight was uneventful except for sitting next to a poor Ethiopian fellow from Edmonton, who had just arrived two hours before on the same plane to attend a funeral, but was turned back because his passport was only good til Nov. 8, 09, which falls a couple days short of a four month requirement. Apparently, you can't get into Germany with a passport that expires within four months. He showed me his passport and all the forms that were filled out. It hardly seems possible.


Bror Erickson said...

I spent a few days in Bavaria visiting family friends, not far from Passau. It was a wonderful time. This picture brings back some memories of those rolling hills.

Gerhardt said...

Hi Brigitte:

Welcome back, but please don't tease us with only one picture. Anxiously awaiting some pics of a church, bells, maybe an organ or two, a Stadt Mitte or perhaps a Konditorei and yes, of course the Landschaft as that is very nice too. We will be satisfied with anything!

Brigitte said...

The Odenwald mountains are very pretty, too, as you can see. My mother was born not far from here and she always pined for them. In German we typify them as "Mittelgebirge", a "middle mountain range". There are mountains, indeed; they are just not that high.

The Melibokus mountain ( is just over 500 m high. The Americans used to practice flying undetected by radar just under the tower on top of the mountain. A huge amount of noise on any beautiful sunny day.

The Melibokus can be seen straight south from the Frankfurt airport viewpoint by the McDonald's.

Brigitte said...

Oh, poor Gary. I know how you feel.