Wednesday, July 22, 2009


In Erdmannhausen we visited dear friends, ate lots of cake had a great supper and I even had some local beer. It think the beer was good; I am not a reliable judge. We had a nice walk through the fields. What is a great feature about living in Germany is that many people live in towns and villages instead of cities. A beautiful path through fields and forest or park is usually not far away.

1) regular field on July 11th.
2) "bio" field (organic) on July 11th.
3) "pick your own sunflower" for 60 Eurocents. What do you do with it? Put it on the table, they thought, and then put them on your muesli. The big barrel is for the money.
4) all the barns had solar panels in the region. These are for producing electricity for the grid. Apparently, this provides 5% of all the production of electricity. Every bit of alternative energy helps. In Canada we have an electrician friend who installs panels for a living. His own house is completely off the grid. (Erhard's electric).


Steve Martin said...

I couldn't help but wonder what would happen if farmers here in the States would let people pick from their crops and put the money in the barrell.

Would the barrell still be there in the morning???

Brigitte said...

I had the same thought and thought you'd think that.

It would probably work in some places in the States.

Steve Martin said...

No doubt, there are some places left where it would work.

But no where close to me (unfortunately).