Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bouncing around Germany

All is well. Right now I am in Fuerth, Odenwald with my cousin and his wife and three boys. Irmi and I went shopping at a big center and I bought some German books on CD. We also had a cappucino and amaretto torte at the Vienna cafe. Tomorrow, I'll see Aunt Barbara and Uncle Gotthold. On Saturday we are going to Stuttgart and that will be it. On Sunday I imagine we will go the free church in Babenhausen. Last Sunday I went to state church in Mainz with Marion.

I've been using quite a bit of public transportation on my own. Enjoying that a lot, since we can never do that in Canada. You can buy one ticket to take the bus or the tram in the city and combine it with your train ticket to another city. Everything is very efficient and you can look up everything on the internet ahead of time.

Nobody should count on my bringing back any chocolate. I am told that the maximum is now 2 chocolate bars per traveller. This is a new rule, apparently.

If someone wants something else, you need to let me know right now. I can get it on Friday. Yours truly, for now.

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