Saturday, July 25, 2009

Boonstock tribute to Matt and Stefan

The local concert organizers were very thoughtful to plan a tribute for Matt and Stefan at the second (or third ?) annual Boonstock festival, with which Matt used to be involved, held just a mile from town in the direction of our houses. (We can hear the music quite well.) The red balloons were for Matt and for Stefan I had a chance to chose silver. Personally, I had to miss the event because I was in Calgary getting ready to fly to Germany.

This remembering is very sad but needed for everyone. Thank you, Boonstock, for all the care and work, especially Nikki. My prayers are with the town and the young people who also keep grieving.

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Steve Martin said...

That is a very good thing that Boonstock is doing to remember Matt and Stefan.

God bless them.

They certainly were very highly regarded, and loved.