Tuesday, July 14, 2009

12 pictures for Gary

1) Stiftskirche in Aschaffenburg.
2) Synagogue in Bensheim-Auerbach. Aunt Christa belongs to a society that preserves the synagogue and opens it at times. I asked, but there are no Jewish believers remaining in that location. (I have read, however, that Berlin is a very popular place for people moving away from Israel. There must be a sizable population there, even a Rabbinic school.)
3) Michaelskirche in Bensheim from the Kirchberg. (That's where the wedding was.)
4) Vestibule of the big church along the main street of Fuerth. Turned out to be Catholic. Several times I noticed that since the churches were not being kept open continuously, you could at least come into the glassy vestibule and see it all from the entry way. This vestibule also had a little kneeler for your devotion. This particular church also had a big glassy addition in front of its main portal that contained an old red sandstone baptismal font.
5)Evangelische Kirche und Gemeindezentrum (Kindergarten, etc.) in Mainz-Hechtsheim. We could walk there. Had a good talk with my cousin on the way. The cross was in the back and the organ was in the front. I can't imagine being an organist with my bum to the congregation. Martin said: "Why don't they just turn the chairs around?" Very good idea. The man is used to solving problems.
They had a sign up inviting for a talk on Calvin that week. We also had a "Vikarin" preach that day. My first ever. I can't say it was an astounding sermon. A little summary of a portion of the sermon on the Mount but not much exegesis.
6) and 7) The crucifix in Christuskirche, Aschaffenburg. See, it is almost life-size. I thought so. Also took a picture of the head for Bror. The lady and I had a good visit and both thought the location of the cross was not right. We put a note in a feedback box. She thought such a "Kostbarkeit" (treasure) should be in the front even thought the new area is very modern. We also talked about death and accidents and losing children to them and she was quite enlightened. Very nice to meet her. Seemed rather gem-like.
8)Evangelische Kirche in Babenhausen on the little old market place. It is open for services on Sunday morning and for two other times during the week for quiet time.
9) 10) 11) Augustinian church in old downtown Mainz with attached seminary. It is not a freestanding building. It is attached on both sides to the other buildings. Across the street of the pedestrian zone was a store for women's underwear with window displays. I thought it was ironic, seeing there was even a RC seminary.
12) Wedding in the Michaelskirche in Bensheim.

So much for tonight. Gary, you will just have to come over.


Steve Martin said...

Beautiful photos!

It looks like such a beautiful place!

I hope you are having a wonderful time, Brigitte!

Brigitte said...

Hello Steve. I'm back. It was really great. How are you doing?

Steve Martin said...

I'm doing pretty well, Brigitte. Thank you.

It sure looks like a terrific trip!

Glad you made it back safe and sound.

Thanks for sharing your vacation with us, Brigitte.