Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Truck is gone/vertical Law and Gospel

This week, Marcel and his wife, the local autowreckers dragged off Stefan's truck and his hoist and other metal items. It was sad but there were a lot of small mercies to be grateful for.

One, Martin was not here when they came, so he did not have to see it. Marcel and his wife are active Christians from another town's Alliance church. She talked to me the whole time about gardening and their life and my perennial beds. There was a double mercy in that, in that she kept me busy and also they cleaned up my soul after a late night of arguing with atheists on the internet. Reading that stuff made me get up in a foul mood and clung to me. But it was a treat to be with Marcel and his wife, salt of the earth people.

When they were gone, I went inside and I thought I'd cry some about it, but I couldn't. My eyes fell on the stuff hanging next to my oven (see picture above). You know how you don't always see what you've hung up, because it always hangs there. But there it was. Law and Gospel in the vertical.

I notice the ten commandments, a VBS "craft", are not looking very good and the 9th and 10th are missing off the bottom. Not that it would not be easy to replace with buying one piece of fun foam. Maybe I'll do it, now.

So, now, I think we are all relieved (including the neighbors) that the truck is gone. We've looked at the truck every day for six months. It was enough for everyone. Marcel says the metal will go to China.

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