Wednesday, June 10, 2009

On Break

My intelligent daughter pointed out to me that it's not been six months, but that it's the sixth month. That is true. Thank you. We did, however, agree that the time has seemed eternal. Too much sadness, too much everything exhausting.

But now it's spring. I got my garden in, even though it might freeze before anything matures (60-80 days for carrots; we'll have to see.) The neighbors lost their planted annuals when we had frost two days ago. A farmer in Bruderheim church lost 220 acres of canola that had come up and froze. We desperately need rain along with warmth.

I am going to try really hard not to blog til I go to Germany, and clean and walk instead and then try posting from Germany. See if it works. If anyone wants to visit us, we're home often, at night almost for sure. Just come and visit. We can even walk in the forest til 10:30 now and visit the beaver at the river, if you're not scared of the coyotes howling and yelping nearby.


Steve Martin said...

I'd go with you to visit the beaver at the river.

That sounds like a wonderful thing to do...and at 10:30pm! Wow!

If all this supossed "global warming" keeps up...all the farmer's crops will freeze.

And the eco-leftist wackos are doing things to try and cool off the earth!

Mary said...

Anastasia is motivated to exercise throughout the summer as gymnastics, and dance are done until the beginning of the school year.
Perhaps we will mark our calendars for walking on the trails in the evening with you since Anastasia does not need to be in bed early during the summer months.

Brigitte said...

Absolutely, let's do.