Monday, June 29, 2009

made it to Germania

It has been a full day, walking all over Aschaffenburg, followed up with a bikeride through Babenhausen to see the new free church my hosts attend and helped build, and bit of red wine. Now I'm finished. The keyboard is different, too. I can't blog today. Tomorrow, on to Bensheim.


Steve Martin said...

I hope you are having a wonderful time!

Brigitte said...

It has been wonderful so far. It is beyond words.

Today I spend with the bride and groom of the wedding. They have been through so much and they have so much empathy and such a lovely, humble faith, it is incredibly touching. I felt so at home with them, I can't even say. I am awash in gratitude. And today I stayed away from the wine. It was not the wine.

Gerhardt said...

Spannend, erwarten wir alle deine bleibende Eindrücke! It took me 33 minutes before I had the courage to ask the savy young German computer whiz next to me, how to find the "@" on the European keyboard! Good luck Brigitte..

Brigitte said...

Gerhardt! HELLO!

The "@" is something else. Like a big secret.

Being a female, of course, I asked right away. No wasting of 30 minutes.

"Meine Eindruecke" (my impressions) I can't do just now. I will work better with getting the pictures done.

The weather is fabulous. Today 30 degrees at the Bergstrasse and a big thunderstorm while at the Italian ice caffee in the Bachgasse. Apple juice on the Kirchberg with view of the Rhine valley and the towns below. Visiting my aunts and uncles, listening to the church bells in the distance with the windows open to the geranium boxes.

There will be five hymns at the wedding using the organ at the Michaelskirche where I took my lessons. Also someone will play a clavinova. I bought a new hymnbook in Aschaffenburg for the ev. luth. churches of Bavaria and Thuringia and my cousin gave me his "Sein Ruhm unsere Freude" (His glory, our joy.),which we used in our youth days. My old one is falling apart and has no notes. This one has notes. We sang a little bit. That was so nice.

Tomorrow, even hotter and more thunderstorms. I will see my aunt Gertrud,( my godmother, my mothers sister, widowed since I last saw her,)in Zwingenberg. We might go to hospital in Darmstadt, as well, as my cousin, her son, is in there with some weird, undiagnosed problem. The bride and groom are picking up mature children from the airport during the time. The day after I go to Mainz by train.

Bror Erickson said...

Glad to hear that you have made it safely and are having a good time. I'm a bit jealouse, but consoling myself with an unsolicited book that came in the mail the other day from somewhere in Canada. Great devotional thing that is threatening to get my wife and I back into praying together before bed. That is if I can finish my visits before she goes to sleep. Thanks!

Brigitte said...

That's so sweet, Bror! Don't say out loud what it is. :)

Today, was very muggy. I slept in and then got to borrow a car to drive to see my aunt and I got to see the aunt next door,too. Both widowed but doing well. We never went to the hospital. The cousin is too ill for visitors. OK. Talked for 5 hours with my aunts and went back to Achim's to chat on the balcony of the highrise. A son of the bride arrived today from Berlin.

Going to a women's breakfast tomorrow that my father's side aunts and cousin are helping put on, organized by the Chrischona mission from Basel. That should be interesting. Then on to Mainz.

Oh,I also saw my cousin Christopher's baby Lena,who was born severely prematurely (680 gr). She has been doing very well, and my aunt is pleased to have her one day a week.

Tonight,I think I will sleep normally. Crashed around 7:oo and have been yawing ever since. No more wine or beer with the jet lag and the muggy weather. We are naturally animated. We don't need it.

Bror Erickson said...

Have you had Jager schnitzel yet? The other day I was in Denver, went to eat with a couple south Africans at a German restaurant and had Jager schnitzel. Just wasn't as good as I remember them being in Germany, I am going to have to start making my own!

Brigitte said...

It's been too hot and muggy to eat that much. I'll keep the Schnitzel in mind.