Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last chance at BOC's/ Evolution

OK, let me prove my complete nuttiness. We are right out of Books of Concord. Yesterday, Martin gave one to Rev. Tawa A., who is doing his PHD in the States on Apologetics at a Baptist University. (Tawa, correct me where wrong info. Tell what you are doing! (Do write!))

So this is a reminder. They are on sale this month. :) I just bought several more. (I conveniently forget how many).

I also blew some time on a video at Uncommon Descent. "Signature in the Cell". It seemed really good. I will have to watch it again and pay more attention; I was kind of doing my dishes. Anyone with an opinion on the man's work? And what did anyone think of "Expelled". We watched it at church convention for evening entertainment in the movie theatre. I liked it a lot, especially the irony at the end with Richard Dawkins. Smart move.

Now, I really have to think about my trip. Leaving on the 27th.

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