Sunday, June 14, 2009

Edmonton Journal/ Divorce


Bror Erickson said...

Thanks for that link. I might have to buy the book that they authored. I hate divorce. I hate when parents say they are doing it for the kids. If they wanted to do something for the kids they would learn to get along. Oh, well. No one like a divorcee to see what is wrong with it. Kills me to watch John grow up with that. I trust though he will turn out all right. But I see it, the hardness it has caused.

Brigitte said...

It seems like a really good and current book.

Steve Martin said...

When I was divorced almost thirty years ago, I knew it would be a terrible thing.

It was. We are still trying to get past the repercussions of it.

But God has used evil for His purposes. I'm sure He is doing that now.

John will be alright, Bror. The more you and the ex can get along (I know it's easier said than done-believe me) the better off John will be.

The book looks like a winner.

Thanks, Brigitte.

Brigitte said...

"John will be alright, Bror. The more you and the ex can get along"

The getting along is the thing I can really affirm, knowing something about it in the context of open adoption.

The children need to know that there wellbeing comes first, that there are more people to love them, not fewer, that the family is larger, not smaller.

A book that helped me with open adoption might be of interest even in the divorce context. ("Children of Open Adoption" by Silber and Dorner.)

The other point I would make is for all parents to become aware of issues raised in the book I'm reading right now "Hold on to your kids. Why parents need to matter more than peers." by Neufeld and Mate. This might also be a book to share with one's ex, as they will be facing the same issues.