Saturday, June 27, 2009


Howdie Patners: made it as far as Calgary. Stayed at the camper in Red Deer over night. Had breakfast in the great outdoors. Was cold. Calgary is warm. Everywhere it is dry.

Went to see Aunt in hospice. She seemed more tired than last time. She is on antibiotics for her lungs. She had visitors all day. First the chaplain, then the neighbors, then all of us.

I was curious about the chaplain. She said he is a native Indian who also sings to her. Now I was wondering if he was Christian chaplain or practitioner of native spirituality. I am still not quite sure from what she told me. He does not read to her from the Bible, we got that far. But he puts it into his prayers. Whatever that exactly means. She just kept saying that he was a "chaplain." He makes her feel good by telling her how much he enjoys his friendship with her. That is a nice and gracious thing to say. But I hope he has more substance than that. He visits two or three times a week, she says and sings "very good" songs.

Going to the airport now for a midnight flight.


Steve Martin said...

I'll pray for your Aunt.

I hope the chaplain speaks of Jesus once in awhile.

I'm glad he is comforting her with nice songs, though.

I'm sure someone else can speak of Jesus to her, if that is not the chaplains focus.I'll pray that it happens.

Brigitte said...

Thanks for praying and thanks for your words. In two weeks we will be there again (God willing).