Saturday, May 30, 2009

Book order came from CPH

My May book order came this week from CPH (3 weeks travel time). When I saw all those Treasuries I realized how soon I would be out of them, since the receptionist wanted one right away and I'd given her one. Now I'm already down to 5. Several I think I will give to Bethel for their container to Kenya, which they are packing the next two weekends. So I panicked and ordered some more right away before the May special is over. (It's still May today. Almost last chance. Go for it. It better not go on sale right away again, or I'll be miffed.)

See, I even ordered some more of Bror's books. But they are not on sale this month! Next month the Book of Concord is on sale; see I bought them at the wrong time and now I think I have enough of them.

The CPH guys at the convention told me an interesting thing: there is so much self-publishing going on now with the internet, that there are many more materials easily available (for example, congregations developing their own Vacation Bible School material). CPH will get itself involved by reviewing and promoting them and taking only a small cut. The program has some sort of name, which I've forgotten. Sounds like a great idea, though.


Bror Erickson said...

I think CPH should give you distributor and promoter of the year award.
You got it from my end anyway. Think you have given more of my books to people than I have. Or even my parents.
My Parents gave a copy to a Swedish Nun (Lutheran Monastic, I don't know the details very well.) who goes to their church in Phoenix when she is in the states. She brought it in to her pastors office in Sweden and said, "SEE! Bo Giertz is a big deal in America." I think that was a reproach as she almost certainly has a liberal pastor.

Brigitte said...

Cute story. Hope it did some good. I think in Europe you never quite know what kind of pastor you might have. No predicting. Your parents probably gave more away than you think. Are they retired in Phoenix? Although they say, Pastors never retire.

Bror Erickson said...

That is true Brigitte, you never know in Europe. It would be nice if things were a little more black and white the way we sometimes want to see them. But given the circumstances, if I were a betting man, (and I am) I would put my money down on liberal.
Yes, at one time they bought lake property in Minnesota to retire to. Then they sold that. Dad's last perish was in the Phoenix area, and that is where they are now. Retired somewhat I guess.

Brigitte said...

It's kind of nice to have a kind of work that can be carried on into "retirement".

Martin sold the business last year and we've been working for the new owner in a gradual transition (he used to work for us). He will still do some dentistry somewhere else, but we wonder how many more fillings he has in him. He is growing a second cataract in his other eye (one already had to be done), etc. etc. So big changes are ahead, and what's next.

He volunteered us to go to Nicaragua. But we are such big wusses, we will die with the heat after living in a deep freeze for so long. I don't know.