Monday, April 20, 2009


This picture is of Stefan's two little siblings. We spent the afternoon with his birthmother's family in their new house.

We brought them Stefan's guitar (one of them) in his nice case, yesterday. Andrea and I had a very sad cry when it went out the door, not because of the loss of the guitar but because of everything. It was just too symbolic. Then we had a bit of a cry when it went in the door of their house. It was a satisfying day, however. We shared Stefan all of his 18 years and now we share the grief. We are big proponents of the open-adoption process.

I proposed, as well, that we do this on an annual basis, that is, get together the Sunday after Easter.


Steve Martin said...

That was a wonderful thing to do for Stefan's birthmother and his younger siblings.

You are a remarkable family.

Brigitte said...

Yes, we are all remarkable! Remarkable birth family, remarkable adoptive family, remarkable adoption workers, as remarkable as all families!

If I got one thing out of reading the Shack, it was that the Lord is "especially fond" of each one.

Or as the Truth Project stresses: "You have never met a mere mortal" (forget whom they were quoting.)

Stefan's birth family is also dear and will treasure everything that was his. They can have whatever they like. We are also "especially fond" of them and they of us.