Monday, April 27, 2009

Christ Church, Aschaffenburg

Found some pictures of the church in Aschaffenburg.
It looks like the narthex of the church was renovated.
The old big crucifix is still there but not at the front. Maybe it wasn't as big as I remember it either. Or maybe it's a different one.
My mother used to sing in the Kantorei in this church, and our schools had their school year opening and closing services there. Also, I remember going there for Buss und Bettag (repentance day). The Catholics did not have that holiday, I think, so the others had a service in the middle of the school day there. We walked from school to church and back.


Bror Erickson said...

I always marvel at the deep piety that bleeds through the art in German Churches. A beautiful testimony to the faith if you ask me. Each piece of art being a sermon for the eyes, even if it was a lay person that did it. Wonderful. As I contemplate having a new church built here in Tooele the incorporation of art is one of the things that I keep in mind.

I think only a Lutheran could refer to a day set aside for repentance as a "holiday."

Brigitte said...

Well, a "holiday" because it is a "holy" "day" (Feiertag), and also in protestant states it was a day off and for most people there it was a holiday, although TV tended to subdued on those days. Bavaria is different from most of the rest of Germany, even just a couple of km from Hesse, as we were.

The different areas are really amazingly different in culture and mentality even if they are geographically close.

We did not appreciate the art and architecture much when we were growing up (another church, another castle, another painting). Our littler town, Gossostheim, had a Tilman Riemenschneider altar (catholic church). Once they took us to see it. I should see if it is online.

Brigitte said...

I just finished my walk and I kind of chuckled along the way about the "only a Lutheran could refer to a day set aside for repentance as a 'holiday'".

I don't remember it there happening anything much on those days in terms of repentance. As a child, I remember often having this vague feeling of guilt, produced by a tender conscience in the Lutheresque way.

This did not come down from Catholic school. Sometimes you read or hear about people who can only say bad things about Catholic school and how much guilt it produced. Mostly, I was very happy in school and we sang lots of nice songs, and so on. We also learned Bach songs and Paul Gerhard songs. There was one presentation on the founder "Mary Ward", who seemed to be such an extraordinary saint, I remember knowing I did not measure up to her, but that's really all.

The most damaging thing I have to say was some of the children's reading of the pietist type. My parents should have previewed some of this stuff. I am sure well-meaning relatives gave it to me. Some of it condemned going on amusement rides and so on. There was no-one saying something like what I say to people nowadays: "hey, it's not against the 10 commandments; I'm not really worried about it."

Maybe a little catholic type confession, like my friends had to go to, would have been good. You could have talked it over.

Bror Erickson said...

The other day I heard a song with some of that wo is me the nuns used to rap my knuckles bit. Thing was it was a very well put together song, and I thought he doesn't even realize what opportunity he was given. If he hadn't gone to Catholic School he would not have the education required to write what he wrote.
Honestly, I detest the Public School system it is completely bankrupt in every way conceivable, and it is doing a disservice sending our kids to those propoganda houses.

Brigitte said...

The youth is being taught so badly in so many ways, these days. Perhaps, it's worse in the States. Alberta has quite a few standards and is considered a "redneck province". Still, I was quite distraught at my children's High School graduations.

The messages were all about what you may achieve, what great goals you may meet, what fun you will have, what a great party you will have after this...but it was all about themselves (not to mention the clothes, extravagant transportation; maybe some of it is just good fun, but it seems so outlandish). There was no mention of vocation, service, etc. the way Gene Veith talks about it. Also there is barely a mention about family and respect and thanks for what your parents or anyone else did for you.

Anyone who has a different attitude is a geek or a loser. My girlfriends tell their children: "Geeks are good. Geeks are great. Geeks will have a future. Marry a Geek!"