Monday, February 2, 2009

Winter Driving Info/ Advanced Driver Training

I phoned one number, and they gave me another number and then another and then I left a message, but Andy got back to me right away. So, here it is:

in Edmonton the training is provided by CTEC (Canadian Traffic Education Center). The course costs $550.00. Go to their website.

Included in the course is classroom instruction, practicing emergency procedures with obstacles, working with a simulator with individual help, and the use of skid vehicles.

You would think this would make an excellent gift to a young person from anyone who loves him/her. Andy offered me a two for one deal on the spot, if Martin and I went with the idea of becoming advocates. (I should push him, maybe, it will be free?!)


Momo said...

You are now my hero.
I say go for it. My parents are paying for me to take a course in Ontario. In fact, my mom freaked about the price until I showed who all the people who sadly died this winter. She couldn't write the cheque fast enough. I came here from the gigababy site (it's called a new name now). You're a strong lady. God bless you.

- Philip (aka momo on the other blog)

Brigitte said...

Thanks, Philip, aka Momo. God bless you, too.

Randy Texdds said...

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