Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shopping at Costco vs. the Working Poor Diet

This week there was this article in the Edmonton Sun. Some people are trying to live healthily one month on $80.00 per person for food costs. That's their challenge. I am watching their blog (see sidebar). Maybe, I'll try and make my own taco's some time.

Of course, one notices a lot of beans and lentils, which obviously are very good for you, but can be too much of a good thing fairly quickly. I have been through a phase of cooking pots worth of beans and freezing portions, which ground-up even went into cookies (actually was very good). Too bad family always has to rebel against such diets. (What is their problem?)

Instead, I shopped at Costco today (it has been a while) and I won't tell you how much I spent. But the only junk was diet Pepsi and frozen pizza, in case Andrea has company. Oh, ya, and chocolate chips for cookies.

We eat a lot of pureed vegetable soup in the winter. You can keep a few liters in a container in the fridge. Start with a little bit of butter and onions and then add all the rest of the vegetables. Very tasty. However, Martin does get tired of this, too, and what happens next is, he goes and does his own grocery shopping. Then we get a lot of German wieners and other sausage. -- Now a little bit of the wieners would be good in a pot of lentils...


steve martin said...

Costco just has too many good things for a guy with self control.

Just the other day I bought (at Costco) a huge box of yogurt snacks. 32 in a box. I had eaten 8 of them by the time I got out of the store...and another 6 when I got home. Two days later and I think there are a half dozen left.(you see I do have some control)

Brigitte said...

You should try the working poor diet then. Start cooking some beans and lentils. Soak things first and then throw out the water. Make a nice stew.

steve martin said...


Good advice.

I need to do something.

That may do it! If not I'll have to widen the door on my apartment.

Mary said...

I do shop $1 days at Sobeys, buy in bulk, and try to stick with weekly sales items. I have found pop 1L bottles 2 for a $1. Sadly I have Never found milk or 100% juice for that price. Thank you for pointing out this site. I think these people have their hearts in the right place. To adjust their diets for one month in order to save money to donate to the foodbank is admirable. But eighty dollars per person in one month.....that would be a challenge indeed!