Friday, January 16, 2009

Truth Project/ Alliance Church/ Lutheran Church

On Wednesday night, Mary and I attended the last local Truth Project session. The topic was community and how God cares deeply for the needy and the outcast. "You have never met a mere mortal" could summarize the session.

I experienced a lot of care at that table that night.

Some of what I've learned since Stefan's death about the community in general, I shared with the table and David did the praying. Bror wrote: pray, Brigitte. So we've prayed. (God has so many neat saints everywhere. David strikes me as one who ought to be a pastor.)

Alliance Church Pastor Meldon also talked some, since it was the last session. Two hundred people have been attending the series on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Table hosts have been praying for the people at their tables. One hundred new people have come through their doors on Sundays during the fall/winter months (I think he claimed they were "seekers" not from other congreations). That is phenomenal for this size of community. Something was going right.

Can we Lutherans learn anything from this?

Someone else tell me. I've got to quit blogging and phone some German relatives, before it is too late there.

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