Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I went to the gym, yesterday, and I went to work today. Lots more kindness from everyone and surprise to see me. I can't stay at home forever.

We had some treatment on a young man--same kind of hoodie, same kind of cap, same kind of belt, same kind of watch, same kind of 3 mm beard, same kind of hair growing a little long and curly, same light colored eyes, same kind of scent of having smoked something. He does drywall for building oil camps. Same kind of strained literacy. Took him forever to fill out his chart. This type of thing will be etched on my mind.

Andrea went back to university. She bought her textbooks and sold one and wrote a quiz and got 100%, and thankfully she got home safely. Conditions could not be more treacherous with the wide temperature fluctuations, snow and ice.

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