Saturday, January 17, 2009

To blog or not to blog

The last two weeks I've been conflicted about blogging. Is it frivolous to blog when you are burying your child?

Blogging allowed me to share with more people than I had time to communicate with otherwise. It allowed me to hang to more positive thoughts than I might have otherwise. It allowed me to post the sermon, where it is accessible. It allowed me to say things when I had the time and felt like it. It gave me some control to arrange thoughts and pictures, when there was not much control otherwise. It was a bit of a help and a crutch. I won't judge myself for it.

Yet, I feel I need to stop for a while or at least to try and curtail it. But if it's going to be blogging vs. Valium, I will go to the blogging.


JULIE, Moderator Extraordinaire of Gigababy's Web Creed said...

If it's any consolation it helps others who aren't as gifted with words as you deal with similar losses and pain.

Writing is very therapeutic. If the people in biblical times didn't take the time to write, how would we know how anyone felt at that time or when people died or how things happened.

Don't stop writing and it's not unusual for anyone to blog about dealing with a loss.

Brigitte said...

Thanks, Julie. It is a consolation.

I'll play it by ear.