Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Extended Family

Martin's gone off tonight to bring Stefan a suit to the hotel where he lives while laboring on the pipelines. (3 hr drive one way).

Stefan's birth--mother's sister (a half-aunt), only recently reunited to the family that placed her for adoption, tragically lost a son (17) to suicide this week. Stefan's birth mom invited him to go to the funeral (in another city), as the young man was his "cousin" and he's met him. At least Stefan asked for his suit, so he is not going in pipelining clothes.

You may say a prayer for all concerned, as blending adoptive families and birth families has its unique joys and challenges (mostly joys) and as not all are churchgoing and certainly the days are difficult for many.


Anonymous said...

Please pass along my condolences to Stefan.
Suicide is rampantly becoming the cause of death for many, and especially the teens. Through all the stages we go through in life this "teen"stage is probably the most difficult.
Suicide report/speaker for the next pro-life conference perhaps?

Brigitte said...

Thanks Mary, good idea.