Friday, October 17, 2008

Das Reich muss uns doch bleiben

Das Wort sie sollen lassen stahn und kein' Dank dazu haben;
er ist bei uns wohl auf dem Plan mit seinem Geist und Gaben.
Nehmen sie den Leib, Gut, Ehr, Kind und Weib:
lass fahren dahin, sie habens kein' Gewinn,
das Reich muss uns doch bleiben.


Bror Erickson said...

That verse sustained me through my divorce 2 months after ordination. It is powerful, and comforting. Even if I can't sing it anymore without remembering those painful times.

Brigitte said...

It is kind of a frightful verse: take they body, goods, honor, child and wife... I'd hardly like to lose any or all of that. I am sorry you ended up with a divorce.

The kingdom, which we don't see, remains and remains for us. May the Lord sustain our faith and we each other's. And all the poor Christians in the world suffering various hardships and persecutions.

The book you translated by Bo Giertz came in the mail the other day, since I'd ordered it. I realize now I've read a book by Bo Giertz before. Yesterday I found it on a bookshelf (cleaning out).

It is "Das Herz aller Dinge" in German with the signature of the author on the first page. Published in Goettingen in 1964. Hard cloth cover.

Since I am cleaning up I don't mind letting you have it, if it would be something special to you.

Bror Erickson said...

The divorce was hard. I started singing A Mighty Fortress is our God to my son as he was going to bed my last year at seminary. One night I had an awful view of the reality to come, but as I sang that last verse things were put into perspective somewhat. I watched the devils carry off my wife and Son, I don't know that either of them has lost the kingdom. My Son exhibits strong faith in any case. But I no longer have them with me thanks to Satan's dirty work. I do know that I have Jesus, or He has me.

Wow. what a beautiful offer. I am hesitant to accept such a treasure from any one. An actual book signed by Bo Giertz! Bo Giertz may just be the most influential theologian in my life. But if you are going to get rid of it, I'll take it.

Brigitte said...

I re-read the second half of the book today, and was quite impressed. It is very good in German.

What would it be in English? "The heart of all things?" At this point, I would be better owning an English version, as I could have others read it.

Anyways, if you send me your address, I can mail it to you.