Saturday, September 27, 2008

Financial Crisis 08

One million homes in the US are in foreclosure. On TV we see weeping mothers stand in their back yards with their husbands holding them and the children playing nearby. Retires have lost their savings. Heart-breaking.

And yet, in my horrible selfishness, it is my own retirement portfolio losses that bother me the most. I've been feeling sick and depressed and now I have the flu.

And now we're not sure we are getting the oil upgraders in Alberta. The bitumen is going to Texas (where they need to work, too, we guess). However, today Stephen Harper said that the bitumen can't just be sent out like that. We still wonder about the projects that had been announced for our area.

When are the Americans going to do something about their oil dependency? When are their elections going to be about issues instead of personalities? When will common sense prevail instead of partisan politics? We will pray for the elections here and there.

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