Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Duerer exhibit

On Sunday, we went to see the Albrecht Duerer exhibit downtown Edmonton. Of course, the art gallery is under construction and you had to find the exhibit a few blocks away on Jasper Avenue. What can I say about the exhibit? Some of the really famous pictures were not there: the "Praying Hands" and the "Young Hare", for example. There were the woodcuts and what I noticed most was the Devil and Death lurking everywhere. Death has this hour glass with him, always reminding, that your time is running out, no matter what station you are in. There is the beautiful young couple and there is Death and his hour glass. The Knight, in the picture above, however, is not deterred from his road with his dog at his side, which is his faith, as a dog is faithful (that's what the the gallery's description said),-- no matter the Devil and Death.

It does put one in a different mood and perspective to be so made aware of the fact that life is brief and fragile.

One could say that it was a lovely diversion to go downtown on a glorious fall Sunday, but it was no diversion, at all. :)

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