Friday, May 30, 2008

The twelfth post--to blog or not to blog

This is my twelfth post. Why blog? People have read the posts, but rarely comment.

Blogging is like planting a little flag in cyberspace. I was here and this is my spot. You may join me if you like.

Some cannot understand why one would put oneself out there when you could use the time retreating into your private sphere. I think it depends on how busy you are and what your needs are at the time. If I were teaching school right now, I certainly would not chose to spend any extra time on the computer, other than researching and making up assignments. Nor would I care to connect with any more people than I already am. However, there are teachers, professors and pastors on wonderful, interesting blogs.

One thing I've found is that spending time thinking about what to post helps me focus on positive things. When one spends too much time just thinking, one inevitably tends to veer to the side, like a car needing a wheel-alignment.

I know I am not the only one who starts focusing on what I should have done, could have done, what others should have done, could have done... The possibilities are endless. I know many people, often women, young and old, who are very angry and accusing. They have obviously spent too much time thinking about how they have been wronged. Of course, their concerns can be highly legitimate. Yet, it does not help to go on and on, to magnify, ruminate, go deeper and wider.

Instead of accusing (which is occasionally indeed necessary), it would be better to try to understand. Blogging helps understand others and yourself. It exercises creativity and writing skills. It can make you think about what matters.

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