Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Transgender Tragedy

Recently, in Canada, the one and only clinic where operations on genitals were performed for individuals going through a gender transition, was torched and suffered a bad fire.  The immediate suspicion was that there was a so-called hate crime.
It turned out, however, that the fire was set, while there were operations going on and people on the premises, by a person who had had the surgery there a little while ago.
The news article appeared in the National Post, HERE.  
Jayne Ellen Heideck was arrested by RCMP officers in B.C. on May 30. She is a suspect in an arson at a plastic surgery clinic in Montreal that's also the only place Canada to offer the most complex forms of gender reassignment surgery.
Jayne was arrested in British Columbia.
After that I had a discussion with an individual who has transitioned from male to female, here .  The assertion was made that transitions are about 99% successful, which I don't believe, judging by the suicide rates, HIV infection rate and violence suffered and perpetrated, as well as testimonials one comes across.  And of course, the torching of the clinic news story.  It seems to me more likely, that someone who has gone to these extreme measures to deal with some disaffection in life, now called dysphoria, will NOT find it cured by becoming "female", as this is not really possible.  
I have known one person personally, who was hermaphrodite, and transitioned male (he was a father and family man) to female.  She never looked, sounded, or acted in a feminine way, no matter how hard she tried.  I am not sure what objective was in effect met.  Was it worth the trauma all around? 
The debate became partly how many "regretters" there are out there, that is how many people regret the decision to transition.  
I also said, that as a woman, I am offended to the core, that someone would assert that they can become a "woman" by dressing up and other superficial changes.  This was not acceptable to the individual I was speaking with.  I said that the idea that you can become a woman outward appearance was further evidence of a male attitude to femaleness.
In order to demonstrate to those who thought that they can become female that this is indeed preposterous and a way of talking that shows lack of understanding, I put together this list of recent events, articles and news stories, to see if it could sink in that a man cannot become a woman and actually barely knows what a woman's life is really like.  
I am just saving this list below:  

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