Sunday, August 16, 2015

No End to the Trauma

With the word having become frighteningly what it is, it can seem like--another day, another atrocity;  another day, another vile account.

It is traumatizing.  You want to push it away.  I have not watched any of the gruesome footage since the first batch, when the Iraqi soldiers were marched to their deaths by the hundreds or thousands.  Their plain surrender was surprising, their executions were swift and callous--all of it captured on video.  Of all the horrors comitted--the list is long and easily researched on the internet--it is the fate of the "sex slave" that seems to me to top the list of perversity.

Last week the New York Post featured a clearly worded article about the "The Theology of Rape".

It should be read.

Very, very young girls--children are used.  Yazidi women suffer unspeakable fates, all in the name of the "merciful" Allah.  It is so sick, it could make one scream and vomit.  Abuses have occurred in the world in many places and under many banners, but the "enshrinement of the rape theology" is a unique phenomenon, an evil to top evils.

On the heels of this article, we heard this weekend, that Kayla Mueller, ISIS captive was repeatedly raped by the self-declared Calif, the ISIS leader.  He took her as a "wife".  We know that in some branches of Islam it is legal to take a wife for a day or so, i.e. you can have a prostitute, or, in this case, you can rape a woman.  This is theologically sanctioned.  The leader is going ahead of the troops by "good" example.  It is such awful barbarism that you would think there would be an outcry from the Muslim world.  I searched Al Jazeera, English for the story, but it was not there.

In fact, from Muslims you only ever hear, "we don't do things like that".  Yes, they may indeed not do things like that, but how do you argue with the theology?  Is there any arguing possible?  Muhammad did it, Muhammad commanded it.--???

And indeed, this abuse of women is enshrined.  It has been on-going through the centuries. Millions of Europeans have been captured and held as slaves over the centuries. Christian North Africa was overrun.  The atrocities need accounting for theologically.  We are not talking about isolated incidents and misfits.  We are talking about an enduring totalitarian ideology of the most misogynistic kind possible.

It must be vehemently decried.  It must be exposed.  It must be exterminated. It must be fought tooth and nail. -- Where are our intellectuals?

Richard Dawkins, strange bedfellow though he may be, at least makes an effort:

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