Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ukulele / Guitar

OK.  I have got used to the little, cheaper blue Ukulele from Mahalo.

After putting on a quality set of strings and getting them in tune, I find the tone is quite acceptable and the tuning pegs are alright.--You won't believe it-- my husband picked it up voluntarily today, and we practiced "Going to the chapel... going to get married..."  He can't quite put his fingers down properly, yet.  He needs to develop some calluses.

I am having so much fun with all the interesting chord changes possible for me on the Ukulele, I am considering buying a child size 3/4 guitar for myself.  I could never reach very well on the guitar, nor, as said before, could position myself very well with it.  Maybe, I will try some at the store.  There also appears to be a Luna guitar line built more specifically for women.

In looking online,  I see that there are also hymn and gospel Ukulele song books and in the comment section, we see that there are such things as Ukulele choirs at churches.  Ha.  Should check that on Youtube.  Such easy fun and joy.  Sing to the Lord with the Ukulele.  King David would have approved.  I can't imaging that his harp sounded much better and it soothed the depressed Saul's troubled soul.

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