Monday, May 25, 2015

Women and Tools

When I was growing up, my Dad taught me how to do a few things, such as hammering in a nail with good strength, roofing and changing a tire. He taught me how to drive and how to arrive in time by aiming to be 10 min. early.

My husband is slightly the opposite.  He always wants to do a great job and does not trust others to do as well.  He likes to drive fast and rush and get there barely on time.  He must thrive on the adrenalin.

So it goes.

However, as an adult woman, I have found the greatest hindrance to doing jobs myself has been the disappearance of tools.  Nothing is where it was the last time.  In spite of the moaning about always having to look for things, nothing gets put back where it belongs.  "A place for everything and everything in its place"  is not a motto around here.

I do have a little hammer in the kitchen drawer.  If it goes missing, there is bloody murder and usually it is there.

Lately, I have found the solution to the problem:  I have been buying my tools at IKEA.  As they are somewhat small-ish and underpowered, no man who thinks of himself as a man would touch them. Most definitely there are not enough RPM's.  Thus, I now have a power drill, a level, plenty of wall anchors, and so on.  In great loving concern, even a gift has been made to me of a set of drill bits.  But this was not until after the one of my two IKEA drill bits was abducted.  At my complaint of loosing 50% of my severely limited stash of drill bits, I received a very nice man-type set in a sturdy container.  It has not been taken, so far, and I have had the use of it when I wanted it.

Another great idea, was mentioned to me, yesterday.  There is a lady who gives all her nieces a pink set of tools when they grow up.  Now, this really takes the cake!  PINK tools!  I love it.  No self-respecting male would think of even picking that up and be seen with them.  Therefore, he can also not loose it.  I LOVE it.  If nothing else, if I see the pink one lying around the house, I would know that it is mine, and get it back to the right place.

So, here, to all those who wish to get women independent on the little jobs around the house, get them a pink took kit.  Where on earth do you get one, though.  Let's google it.

Aha, Amazon has a collection.

A drill and some kinds of saws would be good, too. Where are the power tools?  HM.  Sigh.

Apollo Precision Tools DT9706P General Tool Set, 39-Piece (Pink)

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