Thursday, May 7, 2015

Save money, paint yourself

I have to stage a house for sale.  To "save" money, I have been doing the artwork myself, utilizing what is on hand, incorporating pre-school glitter and glitter paint.  Squares seem to be the thing.

There is no workspace, so it needs to get done quickly.  The green is painter's tape, and will come off to reveal beige.

What was funny and what I want to say is that my intelligent husband came up with an interpretation for the blue one below.  He says it looks like a calendar with the days of the month.  The blue framed ones could be the ones on which one had a bad headache.  :(   But we had to laugh and I told him he was in insightful art critic.  :)

We will see if we will put them up.  Next time, with better space and more time, one could come up with more interesting stencils. But I do like geometric shapes a lot.  I think squares are beautiful, but dots are my favorites.

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