Friday, May 15, 2015

One of the best of weeks / one of the worst of weeks / ukulele purchase

It has been quite a week.  I will skip the "worst of weeks" part.  I have complained lots but I won't put it on the internet...

What's good is that we had some great spring weather for a change.  This means there is much work to be done.

What's the best is that I bought myself a Ukulele and a song book, and I enjoy both so much.

This is the Ukulele here.  It is concert size and has a pick-up.  This means I can plug it into Stefan's guitar amp when I get around to trying it.

I love, love, love, love my Ukulele.  Because of its small size I can hold it closer to my head (that is not to come right out and say:  over top of the boobs).  The guitar never quite worked for my body.  My short stubby fingers can play all the chords on the ukulele.

The songbook is also amazing.  It is here.


Though I don't know most of the songs, it seems like a good collection.  What is best about it for me so far is that the chords needed for each song are pictured right above and you can keep on referring to them.  There are very many different chords in the songs making for a more sophisticated accompanying.  I love singing to the ukulele.  You can belt it out much better with the posture you are in.

I told my husband that finally there is a musical instrument he can play without having to put in any practicing.  He cooperated and quickly learned to play his first song. My favorite song so far is Annie's song: "You fill up my senses."  (That the kind of popular songs which are contained in the book.)

Here is John Denver singing "Annie's song."  Isn't it lovely.

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