Friday, May 29, 2015

Note for me: German Comedian

My husband was in Germany and Poland.  Three main impressions have made it into my consciousness so far from his tales.

1.  The German is train system is not what it was before some sort of restructuring or privatizing.  In fact, it was a complete disaster because of strikes, and he lost the used of a pre-paid ticket, with no way to get his money back.

2.  A Polish nun, in the town where a family member was baptized, in a place that was formerly Germany said, that the Polish don't view the area as Polish even in the third generation.  They have lost their land further East, that they pine for, even now. -- It must add to this feeling, that ethnic Germans, from as far away as Canada,  still make pilgrimages to these places, a generation down the line.

3.  In the cities, many black African immigrants are begging in public places.

Well, to make up what I've missed, I binge watched a German comedian last night, on YouTube.  His name is Rainald Grebe.

To make up for it, too, I have ordered a book, written by a poet from Berlin, a non-state-church Lutheran, I know from Facebook.  It is a novel, set in Berlin, at the turn of the millennium, highlighting the lack of direction in society.  It is so brand new and I ordered it so quickly that I will have the first problematic edition:  the title on the spine will run to wrong way, for German books.  This problem is now fixed, but my book has already shipped from

It is titled "Rain Dogs", but, of course, it is in German language.

I think that there are enough books on the go for the summer, now.  I will keep you posted.

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