Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hymn Book and Ukulele

Lately, I have tremendously enjoyed my new Ukulele, a concert size, quite flat, easy to squeeze under the elbow.  See the picture below.

With it, I have tried some great songs from a book of popular songs, which are also well selected, although largely unknown to me.  The chords are pictured on top, which has helped me learn many of them quickly.

Now, I have pulled out my latest German hymnbook.  I have sung its praises previously because of the great features.  Low and behold, it also has chords over top of all the songs.  Well, here we go.  Now, I can also sing hymns from the German hymnbook accompanied by the Ukulele.  So good.

I wonder if it would help people sing hymns in more places, if we sang them this way.


Hildegard said...

Bravo! :-)

Brigitte said...

So many fun things to learn. Great instructions are available on YouTube.

Still I wonder if we could have our Lutheran hymns online with chords, at least the ones in public domain. That should be quite a few of them.