Monday, May 25, 2015

Front Porch in Spring

Imagine a front porch,
not the southern, wooden veranda,
but a solid concrete and stone place,
on the north side.

The modern, tall and narrow, fake, black plastic wicker
planters have just been filled with roses, lavender in topiary shape,
trailing lobelia and something white.

The grey stones are wet from watering and hosing down,
glistening even in the shade.
They remind of cobble stones in a European market place,
and sitting beside it in shiny, contemporary bakery cafe.

Two Muskoka chairs sprawl under the spread of the Amur cherry.
Birds fly to the birdfeeder, but there is no more birdseed.  The tree will provide.
Birds come here of every color, alone or in swarms:  a virtual bird paradise.

The Bergenia blooms in extravagant pink.
The Lily of the Valley is almost getting there.
There is also the Prairie Crocus.  It does well.

It is still too early for mosquitos, but the shaded spot already feels like a refuge,
on this first hot day of the year.

Everything is perfect.

Except it is not.

The place is for sale.
The realtor's lock-box is on the door handle.

No one lives here any more.
And many who used to come here, live no longer.

How can this perfect moment only be a moment?
How can it only be a glimpse?

The birdsong reminds me of my grandfather
who had little wild garden with birdfeeders.
He identified their songs and reveled in them,
tried to teach them to me.

He, too, had a shaded porch by the front steps.
He hung up a swing in it for me--a Haven for a time.


Hildegard said...

Dear Brigitte, What a month you've had! This beautiful home you are selling must be very difficult to leave behind. Beautiful, poignant description of the porch scene. And your paintings - I was reminded of a film about the designer Massimo Vignelli who works everything from a grid. Yours turned out great! (And I admire those pink tools! ;-) ) Music works wonders - bravo for taking up a new instrument! I don't know how much else you could have packed into these short weeks, but thank-you for writing about everything. You've inspired me to tackle some decluttering around here...maybe tomorrow...first I'll sit on my porch and think about it... :-)

Brigitte said...

I will tell you now, that my husband has been gone, but he returned last night. He was able to attend a family function in Germany and travel to Poland to see where his mother was from.

Thanks for you comments. I am glad if you are encouraged to tackle some decluttering. Less is more! You can do it! -- except for musical instruments. You can never have too many musical instruments. :)