Monday, April 27, 2015

"You make Beautiful Things out of Dust" / Tribute

You can see here, several things:  the blanket is growing and we don't have very much spring here, yet.  The leaves don't usually appear until Mother's Day or later.  So far, we have enjoyed about two warm days.

My right wrist hurts from the knitting--I will be glad and thrilled when I am finished.

Two thoughts:  Last year we attended a lovely wedding.  The preservice music was provided by a spring quartet from the congregation.  The song played was "You make beautiful things out of dust."
It is on Youtube and can be purchased on I-tunes.  Funny was, that as the bride was late, as per usual, the already repetitive song was repeated several times more.  It became quite unforgettable this way.

The song makes me think about spring, Easter, death, dying and resurrection.  Come to think of it, it also makes me think of Pentecost, as the disciples wait for the Holy Spirit.  I have used it in music with different kinds of populations.  Lately, we have been dancing to it with scarves, and it was most beautiful. -- A moment of joy!  As it is somewhat light on the religious theme, it can be used in different settings.

Second though:  about the blanket and tributes for babies.  We are expecting this baby and it is so wonderful.  I imagine the baby putting its little perfect fingers through the holes in the blanket and pulling.  There is a very nice stretch in the fabric.  And it makes me think about baby Jesus.  We hear about baby Jesus so much at certain time of year, that it has lost some of its meaning.  The blanket makes me meditate on the long expectation of the Messiah, the hope and joy that hung on this person to arrive.  The wise men came to bring their gifts, and nothing chincey (sp), nothing cheap.  It has to be worth something.  It has to cost 150 hours and a sore wrist.

Beautiful things are made out of this expectation of something great.

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