Monday, April 27, 2015

Joy / Love / Lust

I had printed out and laminated this verse at New Year's and attached to my fridge, the side of it.  The front of the fridge is not magnetic anymore.  But still I could see it there.

Then I gave it away at Easter as a present and noticed how much I missed it.  So I have just have printed it out again, four to a page, to laminate and give away again.

We probably have the old ditty in our head:  "This is the day, this is day..."  It sounds infantile.  But the verse is still powerful.  Just keep it in front of you for a few days.  It will make you more grateful, present in the moment, and happy.  It IS the day, this very day, that the LORD has made for you.  Seize it.  Live it.  Love it. Pain and all.  Warts and all.  Hope and all.  Forgive.  Be forgiven.

Pastor Riley posted a deep and moving piece today:
A stony heart bathed in tears.  It is easy to always think of someone else, but we need to try and think of it about ourselves.  How is our heart so hard.  How do we have lust rather than love?  What will create a true joy?  Lust or love?  Giving or receiving?  Being selfish?  This is where self-actualization falls down.

The rejoicing day is in the Lord, not my desires otherwise.  Otherwise will let us down.  Some time.  Some how.

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