Friday, April 17, 2015

Blanket Progress

This much has taken about 25 hours and represents about 1/5 done.  There are about 200 stitches across with a fine acrylic.  If I had known it was going to be such slow progress...  :)  But, there are several months left to finish it in, since the baby is due in October.

Next time, I will try something with patches.  The continuous has a nice stretchy feel, and the lace lets it give in all directions. It will be a useful item and--unique.  Hopefully, it will be lovely, also, in spite of all the little mistakes here and there.

People keep asking you whether the young couple will want to know ahead of time if the child is a boy or girl.  This is a discussion item.  As you can see by the colors, they do not want to know ahead of time (in case you wanted to know.)  :)

My needles, by the way, I am very satisfied with.  I purchased a whole set of sizes with interchangeable lengths of plastic for the round.  The attachments screw together very accurately as the set is fine-tooled in Japan.  There is no snagging.  At the local Michael's the set would have cost $200.00.   From Amazon, it cost me half that.  The beautiful effect is, that I never have to hunt for needles again.  Everything is nicely organized in a functionally designed etui.

I learned two new stitches on this pattern.  What's nice, nowadays, if you can't figure out how do to it you just check it on Youtube.  The international offering of knitting tips is really heartwarming and inspiring.

(Here is my needle set at Amazon.)

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