Saturday, March 7, 2015

Women's Issues / Witches

I attended the World Day of Prayer for the Bahamas this week because our pastor's wife comes from the area and was invited to speak.  The issues for women discussed were sort of the usual and fairly safe to talk about, in that sense.  But there are many things we don't talk about.

On the radio, today, during the news, there was a discussion of the camps of "witches" in Ghana.  For some reason, in that country, some women are seen as witches and they need to flee and find safe haven.  This has been identified as a human rights issue, etc.  

They discussed the case of one particular woman.  She is blind.  But this is not her biggest problem.  Someone in the family died, and she was blamed for it based on supposed witchcraft activity. --The family refuses to take her back.

I was just lying on my living room carpet after praying, willing myself to go to bed for the inevitable spring forward time change, and thought about how many are not seriously interested in Christianity, or don't take it seriously, and how I myself can have my tired out days and moments.  And then I thought about that woman in Ghana, blind and outcast and called a witch.

The only cure for her is the good news of Jesus Christ.  Maybe something can be done about the blindness, maybe her family can learn to care for her and maybe she can forgive them, but the damage is done.  How would you feel.  The fact that she is beloved by the Father in heaven and redeemed through Christ's blood would be the only cure for her heart.  And then doubt can seep in again:  if he loves me how can my life be like this?

If God loves me how come my child died?
If God loves me how come... any number of things?

I don't know why.

I only know I will not throw away my faith.  So help me God.
What good will it do to throw away faith.  And a faith that is on such solid ground.
On the Lord Jesus who came, and taught, and cured, and died and rose for my sins.
And calls me his own.

Dear woman in Ghana, if they all disown you, God still loves you in Jesus Christ and forgives you all your sins.  In your heart, you can forgive your family's sins.  Maybe you can tell them some day.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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