Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ash Wednesday 2015 / "Breit aus die Fluegel beide"

Facebook is busy with posts about what fasting means.

As I am always on a diet, I don't really know what fasting is.  The Pope said to let it be a time for overcoming some indifference.  I like that.  Others, including St. Augustine point out that fasting without alms-giving is nothing much. On the other hand just the practice of this piety is to be a humbling prayerfully and spending time with God in repentance and preparation.

Then others warn:  don't make it about self-improvement.  Make sure it is about giving Jesus.

All of them good points.

There are all sorts of things one could let go of.  One other suggestion is to let go of false pride and ambition and to let "good enough be good enough" sometimes.  -- I don't really suffer much from perfectionism, so this one is more for my husband rather than myself.  So here I go repenting for others...  Not the idea.

I have decided, I will use the time to get my household more organized and get rid of superfluous items.  Maybe I can sell them and donate the money.   I have also decided that I can spend less time on Facebook and write someone a letter instead.

Also, I want to share this song, as I shared it with my husband last night.  My mother used to sing it for me and over me.  It made me cry to talk about it.  May the Lord gather in all his little chicks everywhere and guard them from the evil one.

Breit aus die Flügel beide 
o Jesu meine Freude
und nimm dein Kücklein ein
will Satan mich verschlingen
so laß die Englein singen
Dies Kind soll unverletzet sein.

In English translation:

Spread out both your wings
Oh, Jesus, my joy,
and take in your little chick.
If Satan desires to devour me,
so let the angels sing:
this child shall be unharmed.

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