Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year / Annual Anniversay / Bach "From Depths of Woe, I cry to You."


Every year, Jan. 2, is the Anniversary of my son's car accident and death.  Needless to say, we take it easy over New Year's, as it is a tough time.  We go to church service with communion, go home and to bed at a reasonable hour.  We have a little drink and some chocolate.  Then, I feel I need to cocoon, or better, it would be to just go away some place.

This Bach cantata was on my mind.  My mother practiced it one year for choir, and played the vinyl record over and over, in the home, so it is forever stuck in the mind of her children. The vinyl record came down to me and was sitting in an abandoned collection.  Though recently I purged this old vinyl record box completely, I kept about 10 records, this being one of them. Our family version is much more fully orchestral and fast moving than this particular version on Youtube.

I did post this version, however, above, to show the nice job with the scrolling score and English translation.

I also kept Christmas songs introduced with bell ringing from a large cathedral.  And I kept German Baroque songs sung by Hermann Prey.  I loved those so very much and haven't heard them for some time.

It looks like some of his recordings are available on CD.  http://www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.asp?pid=1490202

It looks, too, like a film was made of his life in 2009 "Stille meine Liebe."  Tragic, they say.  Hm.

All the rest of the vinyl records I gave to whoever came into my path--one more box cleared out.  A renter took all the hard rock.  A German lady took all the classical and symphonies.  The last pile goes to the nieces and nephews.  They can glean through them and then take the rest to Goodwill.

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