Saturday, December 27, 2014


A hill.

Not any hill.  A hill I walked often for many years, alone and with lady friends.  And sometimes with little children.  They used to whine and complain.  It is steep for prairie people.

I painted it today from the photograph for a friend whose house burnt down, nearby.

It is a Christmas present, still.  It was harder than I thought to paint for someone without experience, but I love the effect of the masking fluid.


Hildegard said...

What a lovely idea and beautiful result!

Brigitte said...

Thanks, Hildegard. My husband did not dare say anything about it, good or bad. :). I framed it into a $12.00 Walmart frame and pasted "Planted by the water, Psalm 1" at the bottom. Even as we lose houses, youth, family... As we are planted by the water of life we still thrive in worship like Anna and Simeon, we heard about today.

When you go down the hill, there is a little river just beyond those few spruce trees. That is why they grow there.